Thursday, March 31, 2011

I really need to stop telling coworkers

Another guy at work: (At this point you might be thinking.... stop telling work people. You're right, I should do that.)

"Did you even want kids?"

No, I did not "want" "hypothetical" "kids." I didn't imagine some hyper, sticky, juice box-toting children running around. I wasn't like, sign me up for the airplane screamer! And the tantrum thrower! And the teenage girl... oh please no.

But I was pregnant. With a real baby. I loved that baby for whoever he or she was and whatever he or she wanted to be in life. 

No, I did not want kids. I wanted that kid.


  1. people just piss me off!

    and i wanted you to know, i love your blog. a little dose of ridiculousness in each entry. thanks!