Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'll take the Michael Jackson, please

This one is from awesome photographer Desiree:

"At the hospital being prepped for a D and C, the anesthesiologist comes in and without looking at my chart says (in a gruff Russian accent)

'So what are here for?'

Me: '... a D and C'

'What for? Are you bleeding?'

Me: long pause.... 'MISCARRIAGE...'"

What do you think she's here for in this particular wing of the hospital? A burger and fries? You're the extremely well-paid anesthesiologist. She's a woman who just had her heart ripped out. Take a few minutes to READ THE CHART before you start flapping your gums. And after doing your homework, give her enough Propofol that she can't remember how much of an idiot you were.


  1. While I was waiting for my procedure (it was a 9 hour wait due to an emergency patient that bumped me) a nurse walked by my bed and said, "You look bored. Do you want a magazine?" On top of everything else I felt guilty for looking bored on the day I was becoming unpregnant.

    What's worse though, is hearing this after my miscarriage: *crickets chirp*. Nothing.

  2. OMG....the anesthesiologist was the WORST. I delivered my son at 18 weeks, vaginally. But, 2 weeks later I was in for a D&C because of retained placenta. I listened while the jack a$$ anesthesiologist tried to convince me into the longer sedation because of the baby's size it wouldn't be an easy procedure. Hey a$$ the chart. Baby died two weeks ago jerk!!!

  3. I totally agree. The worst is radio silence.

  4. I was very happy that when I was in labor and delivery for my miscarriage that every single person (well, not the chaplain) that walked into my room had read my chart and knew what I was there for without me needing to tell my life story.

    Also, they really put some thought into what to do with me during my night at the hospital after my delivery. So, rather than stick me into the area with mothers and live babies, they kept me overnight in labor and delivery.

    There was a lot of tact and compassion and I really appreciated it. It might have been worse if they had been busier.

  5. That's so good to hear. We need more hospitals and staff with this attitude!

  6. My anaesthetist (first time) told me it would be better if I stopped crying - I was still crying when I woke up.