Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Complete Guide to facebook Post Miscarriage

Facebook. We all do it. It's awesome to keep in touch with people, but navigating the murky waters of 5 week pregnancy status updates and perfect ultrasound pics can be trying. Here's your complete guide on how to deal.

17. Read every post from every pregnant woman and cry continuously.
16. De-friend them all.
15. Feel bad and friend a few of them back while immediately blocking all of them from your feed.
14. Think about de-friending your pregnant sister-in-law again. Think about de-friending her in real life...
13. Glimpse an ultrasound pic in your feed. What. How can this be??? Realize you forget to block some of the soon-to-be fathers. Dammit! Block them all.
12. Wonder why your news feed is so light...
11. Wonder if so-and-so had her baby...
10. Visit her page and read all the updates you blocked for the past 4 months. Cry.
9. Get super pissed about some update and start screaming at your husband... "How NICE that everyone wants to bring dinner to the new parents!! Where were the dinners when our baby died?!" Realize that someone did bring you dinner and many people sent flowers. Still! Stomp around the house.
8. Tell yourself you're getting off facebook.
7. Realize you can't ... you love the funny musings from your brothers too much to quit.
6. Check your feed.
5. Dream of typing, "Hey pregnant bitches, no one cares about your stupid healthy pregnancy complaints!"
4. Post something about your fabulous LA child-free life. Relish the jealous comments.
3. Vow to give up jealously.
2. Vow to give up facebook.
1. Check your feed.


  1. Darlin... you make me laugh!! I've got about 10 friends currently on my facebook that are preg, 3 that just had beautiful little babies and I swear enjoy rubbing that fact in my face (I know they aren't but still), 3 or 4 that are trying and documenting it all on facebook... Yep, I've done just about everything you've posted about at least once!! Including actually posting a comment about saying how I wish this was the 18th or 19th century where it was unseemly to allow anyone to know you were "in the family way"... ooops... I erased it but still...
    I've begun to believe it's just something that forces me to face the grief...

  2. It's funny because it's true. :-)

  3. DYING!!!!
    Allllllllllll of them so true!
    14 & 5 had me rolling!
    #4 is a really good idea! I might have to do that once in awhile. Hehehe!
    Thanks! I really needed a laugh.

  4. This is wonderful. I've tried to make myself stop searching for pregnancy updates. I still do it though.

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  6. Thanks for the guide :) I linked to you here: http://bebesuisse.blogspot.com/2012/02/how-to-have-one-of-those-days.html

  7. 18. VOW TO QUIT LIFE!!!!!!!......miscarriages are the most scarriest things happening.

  8. So very true.

    And #9 -- way too close to home right now. Miscarriage #3 was confirmed 2/14, and I had to deliver a meal for a meal registry to new parents on 2/22. The only reason I signed up was because I thought to myself, "This pregnancy has made it to 9 weeks... it WILL happen this time. And, when it does, I better be in good with all the other new moms in town. Do the dang registry."

    Oh, and I'd add my own -- #18 See a pregnancy announcement/ultrasound pic/pregnancy complaint in your feed, respond by posting non-stop links to RESOLVE, fundraising pages for infertility and loss support organizations, and commentary on your most recent miscarriage experience. :-)

  9. Totally agree. One of the most distressing things about mc is how you think you're doing ok and then, bam! You're feeling hurt and heartbroken and excluded and unkind and sad all over again. It took being 'normal' about pg away from me. Thank you for articulating it so well here.

  10. im a student nurse/midwife and just had a miscarriage. I also work as an agency AIN. All that is on my Facebook feed it post from hospitals, midwifery practices, doula services, Kidspot, Babyology and different medical sites.