Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I thought my problem was STAYING pregnant?

In October I did everything right. Eating. Walking. Vitamins. Acupuncture, etc.

I was sure I was pregnant. I felt nauseated. I threw up once for NO REASON. One night my boobs hurt so much that I made my husband fetch me an ice pack, and I literally iced my boobs.

The only thing that came of my hard work to relax was two negative pregnancy tests and a horribly long and painful period.

In November I did everything right. Resting. Laughing. Vitamins. Acupuncture, etc.

I was sure I was pregnant. I felt exhausted. My boobs hurt and my brain felt foggy.

I had a negative pregnancy test this morning.

Going crazy,

Thursday, November 10, 2011

It happened to me: xojane

Hi lovely readers! xojane just published an article I wrote about my two miscarriages. Check it out! Some reader comments make an appearance.

love to you all,

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Retail Therapy: Diamond Edition

You know what makes me feel better? Buying stuff! Here are five unique items you can buy to commemorate your baby and lift your spirits.

1. Stones in nest. I've purchased these for a friend who has one living child and has had two miscarriages. You can order names engraved on the stones or images or a combination. The shop owners are super nice.
2. Comet necklace. A comet represents a bright spot gone too quickly. Comets also have that "other-wordly" quality that's totally appropriate.
3. Mother and child necklace. I love the intersecting circles on this piece.
4. Moon necklace. Another beautiful, symbolic necklace. The moon is always with us, far away but present at the same time.
5. Right hand ring. You are brave and have been through hell. You deserve a giant diamond on your right hand, whether you have one on your left or not.

Show me your commemorative stuff!