Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I hope you're not getting sick of my comments on movies, books, and TV shows that reference miscarriage. I think it's one of those things where once you've had a miscarriage, you see and hear about them everywhere. You receive the stupid comments with as much grace as you can muster; you might reach out and comfort someone else who is going through it; and when it comes up on national TV, you sure as heck want to see how they portray this sad event.

The HBO show Enlightened follows a character played by Laura Dern, who works in corporate America and is fresh off a downward spiral with drugs and alcohol. She leaves and goes to rehab where she faces her demons before returning to her job with new hope and viger.

In the episode that shows how her marriage fell apart with Levi (Luke Wilson), she reveals that the last time they were truly happy together was when she was newly pregnant. "Then the baby miscarried," she recalls. "Then our dog died. Then Levi started cheating..."

It's all very sad, but the way she phrased it got me thinking. Do you say, "The baby miscarried," or "I miscarried the baby"?

I'm pretty sure I say, "I miscarried." Should I change the way I say it? What do you say?