Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Much worse than PMS

This one is from Mama R:

"I'm so sick of people saying, 'Well at least you know you can get pregnant!' Yeah, that's all I wanted out of life. To get pregnant, have all the symptoms, and not get a baby in the end."


  1. Why do people always say the exact same dumb things? I've heard a lot of these. My mother in law told me "maybe it was for the best" thinking that it wouldn't be covered by insurance and we would have to pay the hospital bill out of pocket (it would have been covered). Since when can you put a price on a human being? I would have paid the hospital 100x's over just to hear that baby cry. The best thing anyone could do for me was to say nothing, not ignore it, but just hold me.

    I certainly wasn't looking for a reason to cry at work today, but I stumbled across your comment on the grief article, I couldn't help it. Today would actually have been my due date.

  2. Ohmygoodness Gloria. I'm so so so sorry for you. (My due date should have been Mar. 23)

    I wish you could hear that baby cry today. It's not fair that you can't. I wish that friends and family were sending you balloons and flowers today.

    I wish you peace, love, and amazing fortune in the coming months. Take care.

  3. Also, how unfair is it that we're still at work? Boo! We should be on maternity leave. :)

  4. You know, I think I may ask my husband to pick up some flowers for me today. Heck, I deserve it. I've kept pretty quiet about it. You make me laugh though! Yes, we SHOULD be on maternity leave right now!

  5. One I hear ALLLL the TIME! And everything you have said, I have heard. My latest due date is coming in April. I've been at this point before and it's painful. LOVE your wallpaper BTW!!!

  6. Ooooh girl I will be thinking of you this month and next! Lots of hugs.