Tuesday, March 29, 2011

From a zombie, with love

In the days after my first miscarriage, I was wandering around our home like a Venice stoner turned zombie, eyes bloodshot from crying. Worry or cabin fever led my mom to suggest that we go to a book store to look at books on miscarriage. I threw on clothes and we drove to the huge Barnes and Noble close by.

What I found in Barnes and Noble was nothing. No books whatsoever.

I looked in the pregnancy section... only happy, giant belly books, no sad Your Baby Just Died books. I looked in psychology... only books on grief after losing a parent or child/teenager. I even looked in the Christian section, where some dude started hitting on me.

"Not many people looking in the Christian section, eh? What's your name?"

Wouldn't it have been awesome if I was like, "I'm married, and also, bleeding heavily from my uterus. Want my number?"

Instead I just got the hell out of there. But not before I noticed there were no books.

Up next: Elise Erikson Barrett on how to handle the things people say.


  1. I noticed that too. Their selection for infertility and adoption is almost non-existant, but their books on loss? Nada. My library had a few, but most of them weren't very good or were geared towards stillbirth/neonatal loss... and not miscarriages.

  2. Totally. Online there are more, but many of them were written in the 70s.

  3. I'm loving your blog - reading through the whole thing in one sitting. :)

    I liked this book. I never leave the house, so shopping online was my first instinct: http://www.amazon.com/Naming-Child-Hope-Filled-Reflections-Miscarriage/dp/1557255857