Monday, March 28, 2011

I did not kick this guy... I promise

Random guy at work had point blank asked me if I were pregnant when we were on a photo shoot together. Apparently I had it written on my face? Or I just looked fat. Whatever. So I told him yes. (Why did I do that? I'm stupid.)

I promptly forgot about the exchange and went about my business; I had no idea I would miscarry my baby two weeks later.

Fast forward to Friday night in the office.

Guy: Have you told the rest of the office yet?
Me: About what? Oh..... No..... Actually we lost the baby.
Guy: What?! Was there anything you could have done?
What I said: No...

What I wanted to say: No. But thanks so much for the encouragement!!!! Now I'm second guessing whether I could have done something!! You're hovering over my desk shouting loudly in earshot of others!! Let me answer your question with a question. Does it hurt when you get kicked in the balls?


  1. what possesses people to ask such a question?! did he think you would respond with, "well, yes, but i decided not to bother."


  2. Wow. Some people are just idiots.

    I love the last line in this post, lol.

  3. My mother said something very similar to me after my first miscarriage. I spent weeks feeling angry about that. Who am I kidding? She said it in 2008 and I'm STILL angry.

  4. I had a nurse at the doctor's office say to my face "What did you do??"

    class. act.