Tuesday, March 15, 2011

On not knowing what to say

An article on TIME online just reported that new research indicates that women grieve miscarriages for years. The best part:

Some of the depression may stem from the inept way in which others can react to miscarriage. People say well-intentioned but insensitive things, or they worry about saying the wrong thing, so they say nothing at all.

“With advancing medical knowledge, everyone assumes pregnancy is going to go well,” says Robertson Blackmore. “When that doesn't happen, it strikes fear in a lot of people. It's so common, but people don't know what to say.”


  1. The best comments after my two miscarriages came from women who had experienced it themselves. Some of which I never knew had lost a baby. (My faovrite Aunt!) They felt they had to reach out because, truly, no one knows until you have been there.
    "Every day, you hurt a little bit less, and at some point, it stings you again. You just keep trying to find it within your self to try again, to keep your self up again, and other days you tell yourself its okay to cry."

  2. Isn't that the truth? Thanks for sharing!