Monday, April 18, 2011

Top 5 Best Things to Do Post Miscarriage

5. Watch Seinfeld. It's funny and there are no babies. There is one episode where they make fun of an ugly baby, and another where they talk about the obligation of having to "see the baby!!" And I think they make fun of that baby too. That's out of like 7,000 episodes. Watch it.
4. Take spinning. These are the crazy classes where you work your booty off. It's great for the workout and the endorphins. Bonus: they play great music really loudly and you can sing along and cry your eyes out. No one notices because everyone is red and sweaty and thinking they will die from this workout. Seriously, I cried to Jai Ho the other day.
3. Drink wine with friends. Repeat as needed. 
2. Say no to things and don't feel guilty. Make sure people know that you are going through a hard time. If you don't want to go to someone's birthday party or baby shower, say no. Stick by it.
1. Take a vacation. Even if it's a day trip. Do it. You deserve it.

What was the best thing you did?


  1. Great list! I totally agree!

  2. Very good list, especially #2. I never realized that about Seinfeld but it's totally true! No wonder I have been watching so much of that show. It contains very few triggers.

    The best thing I did after my miscarriage was to cut my hair. I had it cut pretty short. It felt good to rid myself of the length and weight. Oh, and having a few shots of espresso was pretty sweet too!

  3. Ooo I love the idea of changing your hair.

  4. I had a miscarriage this past June, so at the beginning of July we left the insufferably hot South for a week at my parents' in Upstate NY. For some people this would be hell, but being with them always seems to calm me down—no matter what. Plus, the weather was cool and pleasant, and we were able to take an overnight trip to Niagara Falls. Getting out and doing something really helped me get past the point of thinking about the miscarriage all. the. time. and having to field inquiries from people at work and church.

  5. The first thing I did that benefited me was quit my job. I was a student midwife at the time of my loss and boy did that SUCK!!!!! I could not handle being around all the pregnant women, birth and babies and everyone asking me, "Do you have children???" I felt so relieved after I quit and was able to deal with my grief without having all the baby stuff shoved in my face constantly.

    The second and most profound thing I did was start working out with a personal trainer. It was and still is a very therapeutic experience for me, especially when I box. I'm sure many women who have had a pregnancy loss feel like their body betrayed them. I needed to witness my body working with me to create a positive outcome. I found that through working out. Testing the limit of my mind and my body when I wanted to give up. Seeing the strength I have. It was a very healing experience. I am now personal trainer at the very gym that helped me through my healing. I hope to help others gain the same peace I attained there.