Thursday, April 14, 2011

Btw this movie will not be distributed, as you are not Jim Carrey

This one is from Jen.

On the day she miscarried she called her boss to let her know that she would not be coming in. Her boss says, "It's crazy here, but I guess your health is the most important thing."


Dear Jen's Boss,

I've heard things are pretty crazy in the office. Maybe it's because you're driving everyone crazy? I'm guessing you're a total nut job. I hope you wake up one morning, and all of a sudden you're in a really stupid movie, like "Yes Man." The next thing you know, you're running around saying YES to yoga on the roof and eating fish heads straight from the barrel (confession: I watched 10 minutes of "Yes Man.")

Uh oh, here comes the climax of the movie, where you alienate everyone you love! You tried to say yes but everything backfired and people realize you're still a jerk! Then you have to run around making amends with everyone. You give Jen 10 weeks of paid time off! "I promise, I've changed," you say tearfully to your employees. They forgive you. Only after a friendly roast of everyone in the room being like, "you know who's the worst boss? YOU!!!"

Hahahaha. Everyone laughs.

This song plays. The End.


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