Monday, April 11, 2011

I will now invent a preggo ad blocker

And I will make literally dozens of dollars.

I made the mistake of clicking on the Mariah Carey ALL ABOUT THE BABIESSS!!! issue and now I feel sick. And also angry. I'm sangry! Why does there have to be any pregnant women ... anywhere... ever?

I wish I had a preggo ad blocker. It would block all mention of pregnancy on the web. It would also block all happiness and smiling people.

The only stories left would be sad and shriveled and wonderful, like my soul.

P.S. Can you tell I have my period?

Over and out,


  1. I feel like that somedays... okay, okay, most days. I wish I had a pregnancy blocker, and a new baby blocker, at least for the days when I'm in a really bad funk.

  2. Do fellow bloggers get a discount on the blocker?

    Oh and your "sangry" made me think sangria, and now I want a drink!